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CREATED: An Artists’ Retreat

A long time dream of mine is finally on it’s way to happening. Back in 2012, I came across a blogpost online by Cole Matson, who proposed the idea of a Catholic artists’ community.  In reading it, my heart beat faster and I wondered if I had finally stumbled onto the idea which most fully …


Good night, 2018!

I had originally planned to go dancing tonight but age – no, rather, maturity and a desire to do some professional housekeeping and reflection kept me cosy in my room, eating carrots and dip (ok, I confess I had a notable amount of dill pickle and sour cream & onion chips prior to these!) and …


Witness to Freedom – Thoughts on Teaching Voice

Lately I’ve been privileged to witness my students really discover what their voices are capable of.  I think one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching is watching students be surprised by new things in their voice, the looks on their faces when they realize that that sound came out of them.   It doesn’t …