Fame Follow Up

Hey everyone!

Fame finished off beautifully, if far too quickly. Even though most reviewers had come at the beginning of the run, I was fortunate enough that two people were able to review my performance/do a follow up article:

Natalie Katinakis:

Critique : “Fame” au Théâtre St-Denis de Montréal

And Daniel Ouimet:

Entrevue avec Alisha Ruiss : le petit miracle de la comédie musicale «FAME»

Both have written wonderfully supportive things in the past – thanks so much to you both!

My next big project is the Montreal Christian Performing Artists and Writers Retreat, which will be held the final weekend in October.

More to come on that soon but if you want information or are interested in attending, please email

Before that though, I’m excited to be singing at duet with the gorgeous and talented Gabrielle Fontaine at the opening Broadway Cafe of the Segal season on Sept 8th!   Hope to see you there!

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