Alisha Ruiss

Montreal based performing & creative artist.

Singer. Actress.  Writer/composer/editor. Voice teacher. Guest speaker. Artistic midwife.  

…the rare gift of a talented, gracious, open-hearted acting partner to share the stage and rehearsal hall with…a flawlessly trained singer with a beautiful, powerful voice…a heartbreakingly sensitive actress…

I was born awhile ago, and on most of the days since then I’ve sought to sing.

Before I sang, I wrote, and much later on, I learned to dance and act, but my voice, whether spoken, written, or sung, has always been the most important to me as a mode of artistic expression and service.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve truth and beauty, and for those who take the time to listen.

Thanks for visiting.


I sing about and from my reality –
And in defiance of it.
I sing to try to get, with the sound of my voice,
All the justice I’ll never see on earth for all the wrongs.
I sing to bring back, to call forth from lovers
The love that I can’t otherwise get
To make them present for a few minutes
When they won’t return my calls.
I sing to be in a Joy that is bigger than me
To show the immensity of my sorrow and my need
I sing to reach for God
To give to all of reality
And to make all of it come close to me.
I sing to be on the edge of madness
A madness that shows my capacity
For greatness and depravity.
I sing to be free, and because I’m free.
I sing to stop people, to get them to come close
To convince them, to frighten them.
I sing because I’m so big and so small.
I sing because to speak is not enough
Because I can’t live or hurt in silence.
I sing to make the invisible tangible
To seduce, and win over and push away
To move, enlighten, charm, calm
To make people see and hear what’s important
To stay young forever, to dream out loud.
I sing to dare – dare to love or be exactly who I am.
I sing to disappear into forbidden places, or hidden, or dangerous ones.
I sing to heal, to bleed, to kneel,
To heed a Greater Voice.