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On bearing life through words

“The feminine is that which receives inspiration, grace, life, holds it within the body, and gives it existence. Woman is the receiver through whom God transmits the life-giving signal of His love into the world. The mediatrix. The medium in His will made manifest…She is child-bearer, certainly, but also the bearer of artistic works, political …


Fame Follow Up

Hey everyone! Fame finished off beautifully, if far too quickly. Even though most reviewers had come at the beginning of the run, I was fortunate enough that two people were able to review my performance/do a follow up article: Natalie Katinakis: Critique : “Fame” au Théâtre St-Denis de Montréal And Daniel Ouimet: Entrevue avec Alisha …


Life update & Blame Canada Concert

Hi everyone!  I know, I know – LONG time since I’ve posted anything!   It’s been quite the journey over this past year, with a lot of struggles, and a lot of light.  I’ll do my best to give you the Coles Notes version! Last summer, I was in a short run of Little Shop …