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CREATED: An Artists’ Retreat

A long time dream of mine is finally on it’s way to happening.

Back in 2012, I came across a blogpost online by Cole Matson, who proposed the idea of a Catholic artists’ community.  In reading it, my heart beat faster and I wondered if I had finally stumbled onto the idea which most fully reflected my vocation-to-be.  I wrote Cole to ask where he was at with his idea, and he responded with a fully thought out idea document on the idea of a consecrated lay institute for artists.  Ever since then, having a community of some kind has been part of my hope and desire.

For awhile I wondered if this meant I should move to New York (where he was at the time).  It became clear that this was not really practical since the community did not yet exist and it would be hard to discern something that was being built while still trying to find a way to live – and being Canadian meant working there was not a viable option unless I paid for a visa of some kind.   Moreover, my sense of belonging to Montreal has remained a constant even when dealing with the regular doubts I’ve had that I am supposed to be in this crazy business at all.  But I had no idea or know how with regards to just starting a community especially when I felt like I was a community of one.  Most of the fellow Christian artists I had connected with were living in the States and I felt as though I must be the only one in Canada interested in this idea in any serious way.

Eventually what kept coming back to my spirit was the idea of a retreat.  I could dedicate several paragraphs to how the specific form of this retreat came about, but all I know is that it was a consistent calling, and as I took steps forward – and continue to – I am amazed at just how much I hope this will touch others and build them up in concrete ways.

If you are a Christian who considers art their profession and/or vocation, I would invite you to attend, to begin the building up of a stronger community that I hope will do no less than transform the Church and the world, that will do the work of revealing the Truth in attractive and compelling ways.

Here is the link to register:

And the link to the FB event:

Many thanks to Marie-Pier Larose for her work on this poster!

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